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Product Marketing Video: ConnectSense Smart Outlet

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Product Marketing Video

Some products are simple, straight forward, and easy to understand, while some have that level of complexity that make them difficult to communicate. With the saturation of new apps and tech-products in today’s market; it’s hard to cut through the noise and present your innovation in a new-light. Education and presentation is everything with new technology, which makes video an amazing medium to get your potential customers up to speed and excited about shopping with you.

GridConnect, a chicago-based leader in the internet-of-things, identified this opportunity and engaged with us on the production of a marketing video for their flagship product, the Connectsense Smart Outlet. This outlet, which aims to be a leader the leader of smart home automation products upon first glance, was nothing earth-shattering, but as we got into the details we saw exactly how transformative it was. While most home-automation focus on connect new, already “smart” products, the Smart Outlet was designed to transform your old products into connected, and smart products. By plugging in the product to the wall, you can plug any product into the Smart Outlet and have it immediately connected to the overall smart home.

The product include all types of other features that made it amazing for early adopters, to those who may not truly understand home-automation. It was taking these features and presenting them in a simple, straightforward fashion that still resonated with the tech-grounded audience, and that’s exactly what we did. We teamed up on the concept, collaborated on the script, produced and shot, edited, and delivered this fun, short product marketing video.

Product Marketing Video, Clum Creative

A motion graphic intro to engage viewers from the beginning

Product Video Production

Using a macro-lense we can get up-close shots to really show the details.

Production Promotional Video

Location scouting is key, and we found this beautiful suburban home to shoot at.

Video Marketing for Products

A screen-grab from a sliding shot showing a girl using the the ConnectSense app.

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