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Golf Course Video Production: Weymouth Comes to Life!

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Marketing a country club isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. You have to walk a tight middle ground between properly exposing the club to the outside public, while still maintaining it’s prestige and exclusivity. Country clubs are for people who love to golf, dine, swim, and have a place they can bring the family to create and share memories for life. So with a club seemingly around every corner, which one do you pick and how can one set itself apart?

There are tons of answers, but one is most definitely video. Weymouth Country Club in Medina, OH recognized that and brought us on to produce a video that highlighted the entire Weymouth experience. With the image of the club to uphold, we knew that we’d have to bring in the best of equipment and cinematography to properly represent the club and what it stands for. But beyond that, we’d have to bring it all together in a powerful edit that gave a larger-than-life appeal to the entire experience.

So we spent the weekend at Weymouth capturing shots of all the different elements of the club to make this a truly successful golf course video production. The golf course, the greens crew, the pool, the pro staff, the dining, the private events, and everything in-between. We took those shots and pieced them together like a puzzle into a fun, inspiring, and attention grabbing promotional video that positions Weymouth as the premier club in Northeast, Ohio.

Check it out!


Nothing shows dedication like arriving to the course at 5AM for the morning cut.

production company

An FS700 waiting for the sun to rise up on the morning dew.


Try not to stare! The drone was surely the center of attention on this shoot.

aerial video production

Soaring high above the trees we were able to capture the beatiful views of the course.

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