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M-Line & Bullseye Activewear; Neighbors Get Videos!

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Nationwide Parkway in the Brunswick Industrial Park was the place to be last week for Clum Creative as we had two brunswick video production shoots for neighboring businesses M-Line and Bullseye Activewear. These two companies invested in producing marketing videos that will help communicate and sell services online and at in-person meetings. Both between 2 and 3 minutes, these videos are a combination of voiceover, live-action shooting, documentary style interviews, typography, motion graphics, and basic animation.

M Line, a family owned custom designer and supplier of packaging products needed a video that explained their unusual approach to a massive industry. Unlike some of their large competitors, M Line creates custom packaging that fits around a product and not the other way around. This helps reduce costly product damages and wasted materials. Futhermore, the company helps as a packaging consultant, helping with your processes and helping you eliminate wasted space with their delivery services. Overall, they bring a lot of value to the table in the packaging realm and they needed to sum it all up in a short presentation video that sales representatives could use in-person. Also, they wanted the added boost of a video on their homepage to help convert and drive traffic. We came together to develop a script and concept and out came this piece.. Take a look!

family business

M Line is a thriving family business

engineering video

M Line uses Solidworks for their designs.

brunwick video production

M Line calls Brunswick, Ohio home.

video production

A close up of a custom kitting solution from M Line

Bullseye on the other hand is a family owned promotional products and apparel company that wanted to really share their story and have their prospects experience the essence of the company. Unlike a lot of online vendors for t-shirts and promotional products, Bullseye is an extremely hands-on, personalized, local service that goes above and beyond for their customers. They want to create a personal, family-like experience for their customers, which shows as they recently moved into a brand new facility that includes parking, a cafe, and more! With this video you get a glance in the door, in the people, and in what really makes Bullseye tick; check it out below.


Bullseye’s facility truly sets them apart.

business in brunswick

Bullseye serves an impressive list of customers.

promotional video

Stitching the NBA logo unto black socks.

marketing video

An up-close look at the screen press.

Overall – we had a blast working with these companies! We’ll be down the street with Mark Priebe at Proximity Marketing in a few weeks, so Brunswick watch out we’re coming for ya!

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