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Grid Connect speaks on working with Clum Creative

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This past summer we got a call from Grid Connect, a Chicago-based electronics manufacturer and distributor, who was looking for a video for their new consumer product, the ConnectSense Smart Outlet. After an initial consult, we provided a quote on creating a promotional video for their product, and they ended up choosing us! The project went great, and now the video is helping drive revenue for them across many mediums. Hear what Adam and Brittany have to say about our work:

There are many video production companies in Chicago and throughout the nation, so why did Grid Connect choose us in Cleveland? Here are a few reasons why them and other companies choose Clum Creative as their video production company.

  1. The Work: It’s a cliche, but the work really does speak for itself. As a video company, we’re not necessarily always an on-going consultant, it all really comes down to the final product and our ability to make a creative and powerful video. We find our clients choose us because of the high-end, creative value of the final product. This is why the videos we make practically grow our business from us, companies find a video we made, figure out we made it, and call. So the work really does stand out!
  2. Business-minded: We’re not a film company. We’re a corporate and commercial video production service, and even before that we are consultants. We understand the only purpose of producing a video is getting some type of ROI. Whether that return is monetary (which it usually is) or some type of higher-level educational or culture-driving return, we get it. We’re not out to make the most beautiful, the most artistic, or the “coolest” video; our goal is to make an effective video that accomplishes a real life business goal. That’s why we do research, consult on marketing methods, and continue to follow-up post project to make sure our clients are getting the most value they can.
  3. Value-Minded Budgeting: By no means are we the cheapest option in the industry, and sometimes we aren’t even competitively priced, but we do offer the most value. Our first question is never “what’s the cost?” but it’s “what’s a great product worth to you?”. With this in mind, we figure out what needs to come together in order to make an amazing real-life result come to life? Sure there’s the video, but how about the different ways you can use it? How about multiple videos to target different vertical markets? Why not a landing-page with some PPC campaign to drive traffic to the videos, and get leads? These are the types of questions we ask, because we know the value is the most important thing.

We could go on, but take a look at what our customers have to say about our video production company.

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