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Clum Creative produces TT Electronics IMS Brand Video

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TT Electronics IMS Brand Video Production

For the past year, Clum Creative has been hard at work producing a global branding video for TT Electronics IMS. This global provider of electronics manufacturing services wanted a way to powerfully and emotively stand out from the crowd of over 4,000 electronics manufacturing (EMS) providers . IMS has a reputation in the industry for their excellence in marketing, with a focus on web, trade shows, and digital content creation. The brainchild and thought leader behind this is the company’s global marketing manager, Katelyn Devan, who, in early 2015, identified a video as a next step in driving the business’ marketing efforts forward. After a few initial conversations, she brought on Clum Creative to bring her vision for a powerful video piece alive.

Watch the video:


Clum worked in unison with Katelyn and the company’s marketing team, as well as their agency of record (Boondock Walker) to map out a storyline, and overall message of the video that will relate and speak to their C-Level prospects. Once in place, we conducted interviews with the leadership, our camera crews shot accompanying video in their facilities in the US, China, and Romania, and captured a narrative scene shot on location in downtown Cleveland.

With all the video shot, we carefully crafted the message together, integrating TT’s existing marketing messaging alongside the script we had written out. We worked with a composer to create a strong and emotive music bed and then utilized stock video, custom motion graphics, animation, and typography to bring the piece alive.

In an industry that is flooded with typical marketing videos with poor messaging, IMS now stands out and is equipped with a brand video that will ultimately help them achieve their business goals. As time goes, we will work with them to track and pull maximum value from the video, and will be sure to document it in a case study to show just how much a video like this is truly worth.

To find out what this could look like for a company like yours, call us to chat. 

About TT Electronics

TT Electronics – Integrated Manufacturing Services (IMS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the global electronics manufacturing group TT Electronics plc. TT Electronics plc operates from its headquarters based in Weybridge, Surrey, in the United Kingdom with more than 20 global manufacturing locations and more than 5,300 employees worldwide. TT Electronics-IMS specializes in low volume, high mix electronics manufacturing for the aerospace, defense, industrial, medical and rail transportation industries. With manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Asia, we provide highly engineered electronics and electromechanical assemblies for regional and global manufacturing companies. With a reputation for innovation and flexibility, we provide every customer with personally tailored business solutions, global sourcing and logistics.

Clum Creative is a full-service video production company based in Cleveland, OH serving corporate clients both big and small across the world. Our video services aim to equip your business for success; entertaining, engaging, and inspiring your viewers to take action in alignment with your goals. 

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