How to Make A Testimonial Video: A Walkthrough on Making a Testimonial Video for Cheap in Under 3 Hours


Although I am sure that you have an amazing sales pitch, there is no better way to sell future prospects on why they should do business with you like a previous customer.

Google reviews and LinkedIn endorsements can go a long way, but one underutilized way of capturing past customer’s opinions of you and your company is through video.

So now I am sure you want to get started with video testimonials, but before you start calling up your local video production company (Clum Creative is the first to come to mind, right?) have you ever thought about creating a testimonial video yourself?

Watch the video above to follow Mike Clum and I, as we show you how to make a testimonial video for your company in under 3 hours with less than a $1000.

I know it can sound intimidating, but I promise, if Mike and I can do it, so can you.

In addition, Video Testimonials are an amazing resource that can be utilized on your website, in sales meetings and trade shows.

Check our library of testimonial videos and how we utilize them on our site here.

If you have a more limited budget, send a list of questions to one of your past clients in an email and have them record a video on their phone.  Sure, this may not be as high budget as something Clum Creative could produce, but it will still get the job done.

Below are additional links to what camera and software we used along with additional tutorials to help you get up in running with creating your own content.


If you have any other questions on how to make a testimonial video please reach out to us!



Good luck and get shooting!


-Teddy Baldassarre


Camera: Canon Vixia HF G20

Editing Program: Final Cut Pro X


iMovie Beginner’s Tutorial:…

Quick Run Through Final Cut: