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We Wrapped an Entire House in Wrapping Paper

By November 2, 2016 No Comments

Clum Creative

We wrapped an entire house in wrapping paper.

We wrapped the inside; the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom.

We wrapped the outside; the roof, siding, doors, windows. We even wrapped a car in wrapping paper, and drove it around the block a few times.

Why? Despite what thinks, we did it all in part of original content campaign for American Greetings’ new online shop, in an attempt to create a video that drove as much traffic as possible to the new

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This new video was an original idea we crafted and pitched to American Greetings back in early summer. The idea? A man that went “all-in” on wrapping paper because of the ease and convenience of their online shop. So all in that he wrapped his entire house, inside and out. Couple the extreme imagery with a dynamic relationship with his wife, and a touching ending with the “HappyWrapping” hashtag, and you have yourself (what we’d describe as) a pretty damn good web video.

Take a look:

So what’s the takeaway?

You’ve got to go “ALL IN”

Whether you’re Jake trying to wrap the outside of a house with gift wrap from American Greetings, or your a creative service provider, big results require big ideas and big creative undertakings.

In the flooded world of marketing and creative companies, the ones that shine are the ones that are willing to go above and beyond, and the ones that are willing to do everything and anything necessary to bring results for their clients. For us, it was spending two weeks wrapping an entire house in gift wrap. For you? It might look a little different.

But whether your a dynamic consumer brand, or you’re a machine shop, you can always go bigger, bolder, and do what others can’t. Let us help you do that.


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