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Mistakes Marketers Make with Animated Video Production

By December 22, 2016 No Comments

Animated video production is a solid go-to choice for marketers in any space or situation that needs short, concise messaging around complex topics and themes. By utilizing animation, you could help show and communicate topics that would otherwise be impossible with live action. Before starting, here are a variety of things to avoid.

1) Length

Imagine an animated marketing video with a great hook but one that drags on and on for a whole 9 minutes. You would have probably checked your phone twice between that time, drifted off, or stopped the video after the four minute mark.

A great video sums up the message you want to convey without wasting much of your audience’s time. While there is no ‘ideal time’, 90 second videos are a safe option, giving you enough time to effectively summarize your message without boring the pants off your viewers.

Sure, some companies may have amazing, engaging 10 minute long videos. But the story being told, the type of audience, and the intent may warrant the length of the video. If you have no reason to create a long brand or explainer video, brevity and efficiency is recommended.

video length

Show your video to people in person, and observe when they start to fidget or look away. This is means it’s time to shorten.

2) Economizing on the audio

If your idea for audio is finding free software online for robot voices, you’ve got a problem. Make your video authentic and humanize your brand with professional voice-over talent. If you are marketing to a local audience, a native voice-over talent is bound to make a good impact. Besides questionable audio, poor quality video can create a first bad impression about your brand, and only lead to wasted investment. Animated videos come alive, get the job done, and enhance your brand image when ideated, molded and developed by professional video production companies.

voiceover for animated videos

Use resources like voice or Voices 123 to find a huge selection of voiceover talent.


3) Being creative for the sake of it

Creativity is not always the answer to an effective video. Evaluate if the concept, subject, product/service can be treated in a simple, straightforward and concise style. Now try to understand the possible results if you were to add creative elements to the video. If the first approach seems apt, embrace the beauty in simplicity

video creative

If you aren’t Einstein, don’t try to be!


4) A confusing call-to-action

 Ultimately, your video must achieve business results. That means it absolutely needs a clear call-to-action. The call-to-action button must be positioned somewhere next to the video; or if it makes sense, add clickable links to the video, which take viewers to the desired page on your website.

video call to action

Find a call to action that is straight forward and meaningful.


5) Making your brand the hero of the video

 Your video must solve a challenge, break a concept down for easy consumption, or evoke the targeted emotions in viewers. If you keep focusing on how terrific your brand is, viewers won’t take you seriously. Stick to the message to create a favorable impression and increase the perceived value of your product in the minds of people who’ve never heard of you.


animated video production

If your brand was that good, you wouldn’t need to say it. Present your solution and yourself reasonably and with honest.

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