Here’s how we do it. As simple as possible.

We’ve created hundreds of corporate marketing videos and have a honed a process that everyone in our company is trained on. With this process in place, we’re able to ensure the final products we create are creative, effective, timely, and conscious to your budget. 95% of the time, we’ve already created a video very similar to what would work great for you, so we’re able to tap into our experience and follow the step-by-step-by-step process to give you exactly what you’re looking for.


The process:

Here’s how it’s done. 
  • Call Us

    Do your research, and if you like what you see and hear, give us a call and let's chat about your business, your goals, and how we can help add value.
  • Recommendations & Approval

    After we speak, our team will meet internally and come up with recommendations for accomplishing your goals. We'll meet with you, present them and find a way for us to help you.
  • Kick-Off Meeting

    We meet together, we ask lots of questions about your business and your goals and figure out all the details for the project.
  • Project Brief

    We meet internally and come up with all the ideas and game plan for accomplishing the results you're going for. We present this back to you in a project brief.
  • Pre-Production

    Once we are on the same page for the project, we start to plan for the shoot (or animation). We get all the details in place, and make sure it's very simple and easy for you.
  • The Shoot

    We come to you, or your come to us (or we shoot somewhere in the middle) and we capture all the best shots.
  • Editing

    We take all the shots we captured and piece them together with music, graphics, and everything that brings the video to life.
  • Delivery & Revisions

    We get the video to 98% complete and present it back to you, and tweak and revise until you love it.
  • Launch & Market

    Once it's complete, we help you get the video distributed and marketed, and we are there as a partner to make sure the video is successful for you.
The video production industry has changed a lot in the past 20 years. In the 70’s and 80’s creating marketing videos was reserved for large organizations with large budgets working with only a select group of production companies with the technology, staff and expertise to create videos. With huge shifts in technology in the late 90’s and early 2000’s the way videos are created, how people learn to make videos, and how videos are distributed was hugely disrupted. This took a once otherwise elite process and opened it up to anyone with an internet connection and an iPhone. Today you have millions of hungry, eager, and aggressive creatives looking to serve organizations. We call this the shift from filmmaker to creator.

Clum is certainly in the “new wave” of these modern creators. We believe in educating our clients, and simplifying everything we do to be understandable, easy to follow, and results-oriented. You’re not here to “make a film” you’re here to find a reliable, professional service to create you something that drives results. That’s us.

So with all the shifts and changes, today you have hundreds of different options for creating videos, all with different levels of quality, responsiveness, effectives, and affordability. So as you consider teaming with us or another company to create a video, explore this page and the below FAQ to help you understand how we approach this ever-changing industry.


We have a flat hourly rate of 100 per hour that spans three phases of the project; planning, shooting, and editing. Depending on what you want to accomplish, we’ll allocate various amounts of time in each of those phases to output a video that fits your goals. Most videos we produce range between 30 and 80 hours for more simple videos and 100-500 hours for bigger ones.

Just because you have a low budget doesn’t mean you’re out of luck. We’re here to support marketing departments and entrepreneurs with organizations that are growing or looking to grow. If that’s you at all, let’s talk and figure out how we can work together. We have a defined process that we are able to scale around to fit your budget, while still outputting an effective, creative, and unique final video.

If we begin a project at a certain budget, we stick to it. The only time we go over the original budget is when new requests, outside of the original scope, are made. Either way, every additional billable hour is pre-approved by you.

We are flexible on payment terms, and we are able to work out payment options and financing that works best for your organization. However, most projects are invoiced 50% upon start and 50% upon completion.


Depending on your urgency and level of responsiveness during the project, we can product a video between 2-8 weeks. For larger, more complex videos – these can take 3-6 months. In cases of extreme urgency or fast and tight deadlines, we can be flexible with you and make sure your project is completed on time.

Depending on your urgency and level of responsiveness during the project, we can product a video between 2-8 weeks. For larger, more complex videos – these can take 3-6 months. In cases of extreme urgency or fast and tight deadlines, we can be flexible with you and make sure your project is completed on time.


You can be very involved if you want to be, but most projects require very little of your involvement. After the initial discussions, recommendations and approval, you’ll have a 90 minute kick off meeting, need to send us basic information like logos and files and such, and from there we take care of everything. You might need to hop on a quick phone call here or there, answer a few emails, but a very common misconception is that this is a big undertaking for you and your department.

Once we officially get started, you’ll be connected with a project manager who will be your point of contact for the project. He will work with you day-to-day and help move the project to completion.

We have clients all over the world.  In addition, we have connected with a network of amazing videographers around the world who can help make sure your video is completed no matter where you are. 

When your video is completed we will send your video in a .MOV or .MP4 via Dropbox. If you require any additional file types of mediums, those can also be sent. 

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