We offer whitelabled, and subcontracted video services to the clients of marketing agencies across the world. Both local services near our office in Cleveland, and creative production services for marketing campaigns.

Services offered to marketing agencies:

  • Creative Production
  • Video Crews
  • Video Animation Services
  • Video Editing Services
  • 3D Product Modeling


We understand and value the relationship you have with your clients, and have built out a process and workflow to protect your relationship while allowing you to provide high-end video production. We also understand the importance that our services can be profitable to you, and are able to be competitively priced for extra markup and billing.


We deliver videos to your clients that exceed expectations.


Clum Creative understands how to deliver videos that agencies want.


You can find the right shot anywhere.


We give you the flexibility to ensure no profits are lost. Giving you room to mark up your price.


We are ready to go anywhere to get the right shot for your agency.

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