Brand video production gives you a 10,000 foot view is what a brand video is all about. Giving your audience the essence, flavor, experience of your brand in an impactful and efficient way. Nothing hits harder.

Brand video production is about more than marketing. It’s about recruiting, inspiration, culture, and knowing yourself. The brand video is supposed to capture everything about your “why”, your “who”, and show it in a way that’s larger than life, while still relatable and real. With a brand video, we’re scaling truth, passion, and history.


A brand is more than a logo, and more than a video. Your brand video is about more than you, your customers, and your products. It’s about the things you can’t see or feel. It’s about the passion, the culture, the meaning, and the “why” of what makes you, you.

Examples of our Brand Video Production capabilities:





Brand Videos

At Clum Creative we understand that the presentation of your brand is really important to you. Not only is it important to you but a successful brand proves to be a key factor in gaining business and increasing your growth. Together we can create a brand video that highlights the culture, personalities and mission of your company. We can implement important ideas that your company believes in, to educate your customers and prospects about what you stand for.
Brand videos can also give your company an added sense of reliability, showing people what you do and why you do it. We can achieve this by expressing the best parts of your company to the audience. A fun and exciting visual video will be paired with awesome testimonials and interview pieces that will really “Wow” the viewers.

Our viewfinders always have their sights on your brand.


Branding is only done right through exceptional video production.


We go inside your business to ensure we represent your brand in the videos we create.


No matter the company or production, we are ready for the challenge.


Our video services go beyond the studio.

Brand videos are a great addition to your marketing tools. They can be used on your businesses landing page on the site, in email marketing campaigns and sales presentations. A brand video created by us will blow away the viewers and make them want to work with you. If a Brand video is the right fit with your company, we would love to partner with you.

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