Color Correction is a powerful tool when creating a mood as well as maximizing the quality of the video.

Mood can make the difference between an impactful video, and one that falls flat. Whatever mood you are trying to set can be accomplished through proper color correction. We use this tool to maximize the effectivenes of your videos by giving them the proper “feel” all while maintaining top notch quality.


Color correction is key in keeping a mood consistent. Lighting changes depending on time of day and location, but with our talented editors, color correction can be used to keep your video consistent and at maximum quality. It is an essential tool for any quality video.

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Color Correction

In order to provide you with a video that is complete in every aspect we need to go through a color-correcting process. Shooting different shots at different times of the day can give us footage that lacks continuity in color tones. To provide you with the highest level of production value we go through the footage we capture for you and adjust the picture, color-correcting every shot. We can also ad color to create a certain mood that is captured in the final piece.



In the color correcting process we take two steps in order to get the perfect picture. First we adjust the color of the piece in its entirety editing the whole video as one. Then we examine and edit each shot, lightening, darkening adding effects that are key in producing the perfect picture. We can adjust the mood of the video by adjusting colors, subtracting or adding brightness and manipulating aspects of the footage such as contrast and saturation.

Amazing Finishing Coloring

Using the latest color-correcting software editors are able to produce any color effect that will help in the finalization of the piece. Clum Creative is a great partner in producing top quality video, and quality color correction is a large contributor. If you are looking for a professional video production we are here for you, give us a call today!