A Facebook Advertising Agency

integrating video & paid media

to drive profitable results.

Once we produce original content for your brand, we move into advertising & distribution to drive traffic and results. Our experience in video production and facebook advertising allows us to create thoughtful ads that don’t look like ads, and create conversation and traffic – exactly what you need in your facebook advertising agency.

By utilizing a three-tiered ad funnel, we “warm up” your audience with awareness, engagement, and conversion ads to drive maximum results.

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How We Do Facebook Advertising

We set out to create a facebook advertising agency that’s smarter – here’s our program. 

Our Process

Step One: Strategy

In all starts with with audiences. Every business, whether B2B or B2C, Non-Profit, other otherwise has an audience that they sell or market to. In the beginning of our relationship, we get in touch with the audiences that you aiming to reach, and develop a strategy to engage and convert them. Then using Facebook’s consumer data, we create target audiences based on specific criteria, developing an ad campaign designed to engage those specific viewers. We present this strategy including ad copy, content type, goals, metrics, and conversion tracking. We then determine the most effective content to fill into the strategy, and we move into content production.

facebook advertising strategy


Step Two: Content Production

When it comes to Facebook advertising content, it’s all about creating relevant and relatable content that doesn’t look like advertising. Because it’s shown in the news feed of everyday users, the key to making effective Facebook advertising content is to add value, and to aim to create something that people would share. In our content production process, we start with the strategy and audience in mind, and develop videos that maximum watch time and entertainment value. Whether it’s educating the viewer, making them laugh, or adding value through being relatable and emotive – the goal is to get viewers to engage with ads, and share them on their own Facebook pages. With this in mind, we script, shoot, edit, and finalize both video and photo advertising content and move it into campaign launch.

Step Three: Campaign Launch

Once we have an audience and strategy to target with content that will engage them, we get the campaign ready for launch. We establish parameters for remarketing ads, set up our three-tiered awareness, engagement, and conversion ads, finalize ad copy and conversion tracking, upload content and we launch!

facebook video advertising agency

facebook advertising agency

Step Four: Daily Optimization

Post-launch we are monitoring ads daily and constantly making changes to content format, ad copy, and anything we can to continue to drive results. Using Facebook’s Power Editor, we’re tuned in to real time results of the ads, and we’re constantly communicating to discuss how things are going, what’s working and what’s not, and what changes need to be made. This daily tracking and optimization helps ensure success of the content and the overall strategy.

Step Five: Weekly Reporting

In unison with our daily optimization, we conduct weekly reporting calls where we present our results, how ads are performing, and what upcoming changes might need to be made to continue to improve the campaign. We’re always looking to push the needle in the positive direction, so we use these weekly calls to stay in open communicate about changes in the business, evolving messaging, customer feedback, and new products and services. We strategize on new content production, and discuss new ways to optimize the campaign at large. From there, we continue to have these and allow our relationship to blossom.

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Case Studies

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