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The Results


Increase in Total Revenue from Facebook


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“Working with anybody from Clum Creative I know I'm going to get a high-quality person, a high-quality team, and I know they're serious about producing results.”

Greg CordrayPresident, High Voltage Indoor Karting

How We Got The Results

High Voltage is a haven for speed & fun loving adults across Northeast Ohio. Launched in 2014, the new indoor karting brand needed a way to be introduced to the market quickly and affordably. Clum Creative was brought in from day 1 to help execute a plan to drive foot traffic and sales to this exciting and one-of-a-kind place.

Starting with the creation of a high-impact brand video, Clum then moved into running targeted Facebook ads throughout the region. In addition to the main brand video ad, Clum also produced a variety of other short and socially optimized videos.

Through tweaking and testing the targeting of the Facebook ads, Clum was able to drive increased effectiveness of advertising efforts and help build the company into the established & recognized local brand it is today.

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