Sometimes you want them to laugh, to cry, and sometimes (usually) you want them to buy. Sales video production is about creating a straight forward, direct response, sales and marketing video that gets people to sign on the dotted line.

Whether a product on an commerce store, or a client service business web page, there’s a time and a place for a hard sell. You can use words, pictures, graphics, audio, or you can bring all of those together and create a video. When it comes to sales, nothing beats in person communication, however, when that’s not possible video is the next best thing. We’ve created hundred of sales and marketing videos that simplify your message and provide a straight forward, understandable, and actionable result.


It’s all about the sell. Crafting a relevant and captivating message tailored to a specific audience, packaged in a unique and entertaining way. That’s what we do.

Examples of our Sales Video Production:





Live Event Video


Our cameras get the shot anywhere.

Marketing and sales events that your company may produce can be very engaging and interesting. Sales presentations, panels and keynotes are a great source of content that you can use in marketing your company’s products or services. These films can be used on your site to provide insightful real life events and information that is going on in your company. You can also use it on social media leveraging the information to create a buzz around your products and services. A video that is posted on your sight will allow your site to be ranked higher. The key points in these videos will cover technology, trends and topics that are the buzz around your company.

Product Videos


Drive sales through video and show what your business is all about.

Now in this powerful influential time of the Internet most people on the world research products on their own. We are so busy as a culture always on the go and the trend has shifted from the traditional sales person. People buy most things based off of what they can find online about what ever they are searching to fulfill their need. Clum Creative can produce a Product video that will demonstrate the use and highlights of your product as well as expressing amazing content. These videos can satisfy the lack of information that text might have and also provide the prospect with important information they were searching for.

Our Production Team


We create more than just videos that look great, but also drive sales.

Our Staff is made up of unique and creative Directors, Producers, Cinematographers and Creative Designers. Not only is all of our staff really good at making beautiful videos but they pride themselves in producing videos that are proven to help a company grow. They really care about the work they do for you and do everything they can to deliver the best results. Any one can make a pretty video. It takes a certain team of experts in sales and marketing to create videos that can move a viewer to interact with the company. Our staff at Clum Creative has done just that, time and time again. These videos aren’t going to be boring information based videos either; they will be fun and engaging. Studies find that emotions are everything when it comes to moving a person to do an action. We have a very good understanding of the psychology that goes into a person making a purchase. Using this understand give us guidelines in making a video that will actually be effective in achieving a goal.

Brand Videos


Video is an amazing way to get your company in front of as many customers as possible.

Video promotion is one of the best ways to reach out to as many people as you can, building a reliable brand image. A successful presentation of your brand will engage viewers in your company. They will give a better reach to your marketing campaign generating a better response than other marketing strategies. There is nothing more effective at expressing emotion than video. We can create a film that captures your company’s culture and brand attributes educating your target to show them what your company stands for. The personalities of your company can communicate to viewers, expressing the passion they have for what they are doing. By partnering with us to make a brand Marketing production, together we can set yourself apart from your competitors.

By partnering with us to create a Marketing video production, you will never be dissatisfied with the investment you made. We will create a tool that will act as a salesman that works everywhere, all the time. By making the decision to partner with us in creating a video for your company we take ownership to do the best we can in delivering you a product that will be a success. We want you to get everything you can out of the investment whether it be a promo or a product overview it will give you positive results

Taking a look at the people in your company or industry that have the most influence above people we can capture their story and direct it using video. We can highlight business owners, loyal customers and industry leaders that will be an influence to the viewers of the video. An interview that captures the interviewees experiences and touches on their personality. They can help our company by providing a way to get down on a personal level with your viewers. The videos can impact viewers in a way that they feel apart of a company making a special interaction. What is better than proving what you do works? By using customer testimonials we can provide a way for future customers to get the satisfaction of proven results that your company may provide.

Your customers are everything to you and hopefully your customers find you very important to them. Most people like to talk about how successful they are so why not capture that. We can produce a video that captures your customer’s story. By interviewing your customers we can design questions together that will exploit their successes that involve your company. Not only can this provide shareable content among your customers hopefully gaining leads but also can provide you with a tool that gives you instant credibility. It can be a resourceful referral that we can highlight and your sales team can use this as an important piece in a presentation. The video will act as proof that your company has provided solutions that effectively help companies prosper. Prospective customers can view these and feel a sense of security in going with your company knowing that it has worked for other companies in their industry.

In business, video productions have become one of the main centrals of communication. Clum Creative is your solution in providing an effective Marketing video production that your company needs to fulfill. We serve clients on a National level, creating any type of video that will increase growth of their company. Video productions are used to help our customers with their marketing, sales, training, promotion, fundraising, event productions, and many communication needs.

A CEO profile video is a production that we will use to show the personalities of the most important people in your company. An overview of these important figures in the company will provide us with the ability to capture the spirit of your company and its leader. Every company is different and we know that capturing this uniqueness can separate you away from the pack of your competitors. It will provide a personal level marketing tool that wont just be an outright sales pitch but more of a conversation educating the viewers.

Something that might not come to mind when creating a video for your company is creating an overview of the processes that go on in your company in order to deliver your clients with their product. We can shoot a video that shows these processes from beginning to end. A video like this can be important to your customers, they can actually see how its done giving them a satisfaction and understanding of what it takes for you to deliver your product to them. We can show them how you operate and take a look at what you do differently to set you apart.

Through our knowledge in sales and marketing we are the best solution in creating a promotional sales video. Our promo video productions are optimized to give you proven results. In order to do this we identify your target market and express a clear specific message that engages the viewers. We make sure that the final cut is as effective as it can be to drive sales to your company. By delivering clear cut, effective and memorable messages the promotional video that we create together will stand out and grab the attention of your target market.

A customer is almost never buying based on just a service or product they are buying into the personality, brand and loyalty of your company. This is a very good understanding that we use in creating Marketing video productions. So how do we do it? We can provide you with many different types of videos that provide an overview of different elements of your business. We can together create a content that captures the culture around your company.


You can gain a customer through an amazing product or service, but you keep a customer with demonstrating what your company is all about.

After we create these videos for you what is next? The most important platforms for company videos are the company website and the site that millions of people view everyday…YouTube. To drive engagement with your target audience email and newsletter campaigns are very effective. At Clum Creative we can optimize your video for web making it easy for you to finish off a piece of electronic marketing material with a video attached for the recipient to view. We will create Marketing video productions that show why customers should buy from you. Show them how you are different than your competitors, what advantages your company provides and why your services and products are a great solution for your customers.