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The Results


Percent increase in online revenue.


Increase in monthly web traffic.


Order Item Session Percentage

“Clum Creative did exactly what they said they would do. Our sales nearly doubled due to the videos and ad campaign they ran. I've tried lots of marketing companies, but have yet to see a model as sophisticated as theirs.”

Greg CordrayPresident, QIP




Product Marketing


2,500 – 7,500

Key Deliverables:

Product Video ProductionFacebook Video Advertising

How We Got the Results

The Super Spinner was invented in Akron, OH by entreprenuer Greg Cordray. After four years of selling on Amazon and eBay, he wanted to take Super Spinner’s sales to the next level by scaling his Facebook efforts. We developed a series of two videos for the Super Spinner, and Super Duper Spinner (the sister product) and launched our ad program with the goals of driving up the sales numbers. We coupled our main ads with a variety of other user generated content for testimonials, photos, and reviews.

In the first week, we implemented the AEC top-to-bottom funnel strategy; Awareness, Engagement, Conversion.

Awareness ads are shown to people who are completely “cold” and unfamiliar with the brand. Engagement ads are displayed to people who have shown an interest in the product. This begins to cultivate audiences that know, like, and trust the brand. And then, we use Conversion-style ads that include direct calls-to-action to have people purchase the product.

With the Super Spinner, we increased sales by allowing the customer to take the purchasing process in their own hands.

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