When to Use Animated Video Production Versus Live Action

Videos are a powerful marketing tool that businesses are increasingly leveraging to drive customer engagement and create a memorable brand. According to Unbounce, including video on the landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%. Adobe has found that shoppers who view video are almost twice as likely to purchase than those who don’t.

If you want to capitalize on the high ROI potential of video, one of the decisions you’ll find yourself making is this: what are the best ways to use animated and live action videos? Each type canĀ  present certain messages and achieve specific goals more compellingly than the other.

Animate it right

Animation works exceedingly well for introductory or explainer videos intended to describe a product/service or explain a complex concept in an easily comprehensible way. For the same reason, animated training videos can carry a lot of information but not overwhelm trainees. If you need to frequently update training content, animation is a practical option, allowing you to update the graphics and scripts without difficulty.

In the example below, FileExpert’s explainer video does a good job of explaining what the application does.

Global Payroll Association’s animated video draws inspiration from animated sitcom The Jetsons to capture instant attention, delivering a feel-good factor while also conveying the service features in a simple, effective style.

YouTube’s research pegs the average viewer’s attention span at 63 seconds. It is crucial to get your message across within this short time window. A strong beginning is necessary to grab interest and encourage viewers to continue watching!


Live action realness

Live action videos are based around actual products and people. They are ideal for observational learning, and help model ideal behaviors and best practices that you wish to communicate to your target audience. A well-made corporate live action video can immediately connect with viewers and influence them to make the choice you want or guide them in the direction you wish. It can work well for branding, trade shows, product marketing, tutorials and employee orientation.

The live action video below creates trust by showcasing the company’s work and people. Client testimonials within the video serve as social proof, creating a positive impression about the company.

Live action is an excellent option if you want to create a content library of evergreen content. For instance, you can utilize this format for employee orientation and basic training videos, which will largely remain the same. A live action video is like a dividend paying stock that keeps putting money in your pocket at least once a year.

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