Skill, efficiency, reliability, all things that our video crews bring to a production.

When you think of a good video crew, you think of a crew that speeds things up rather than slow things down, has a passion for getting things done right, and the skill to do it well. Clum Creative has an amazing crew and every member strives to provide exceptional service. We come equipped with top quality video, sound, and lighting equipment.


You want a crew that you can depend on, and the crew at Clum Creative is as dependable as they come. From top notch equipment to top notch workers, Clum Creative is your go-to for camera crews.

Video Crews

With years of experience behind the camera we have a staff that knows what it takes to go the extra mile in order to increase the effectiveness of the final production. The camera crews are available in all sizes of teams.

The Camera Crews at Clum Creative are not only great at what they do but they really care and love their profession. They are individuals with a creative eye capturing powerful shots that are used in the final piece moving people’s emotions.

Cameramen film a rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow May 5, 2009. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin (RUSSIA ENTERTAINMENT)



Experts in Film

If we are doing a live shoot for your company and you want 6 angles, we have you covered with a person manning every camera. Not only do they have a creative eye but they also know what to capture that helps us achieve the final goal in producing you results.



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