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The magic that you see on screen is the product of long hours spent in the video editing lab.

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Top-notch video editing skills are one of the most important elements when creating a masterful video.

While everything in your video could be shot perfectly, it could all fall flat if it’s not edited properly in post-production. Luckily at Clum Creative, we have an exceptionally skilled professional video editing team that is determined to create a high-quality video you will be proud to show others. Video editing services are key, and we have the best of the best here at Clum with a reasonable turnaround time.


Video Editing Services for Successful Marketing

Our editors are creative. After filming, our editors take the raw footage and transform it into a masterpiece that accurately and seamlessly gets your message across.

These skilled editors are a large reason why our customers have seen incredible success with their videos. Our editors understand the sales and marketing world and will do whatever it takes for you to be successful in marketing to your customers.

Video Editing Services

Montage Edits

Sizzle Reels

Long-Form Videography Editing

TV Commercial Editing

Motion Graphics & Animation

Corrective Post-Production

Color Correction

Audio Syncing

Audio Correction & Mastering

Photoshop & Photo Editing

Our Software & Programs

Final Cut Pro

After Effects


Maya (Autodesk)

Adobe Creative Suite

Video Editing for Agencies

You have all the shots, you’ve got all your files, you just need someone who can bring it to life and edit it all together. You’ve come to the right place; Clum works regularly with marketing agencies as a resource for video editing and design services.

Simply send us your files and a brief description of your vision and we’ll take care of the rest. We have the resources and experiences to make your vision come to life, or to help you brainstorm ideas and bring some inspiration to you.

Video Editing

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