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Meet Our Team

Pat Zivich


Ted Paynter

Director of Operations


Kirk Norris

Creative Director

Donald Baughs

Business Development Manager

Juan Caminero

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Justin Romanak

Video Editor

Clum Creative Video Director

Ian Moore

Video Director

Clum Creative Video Editor

Mike Silbitzer

Video Editor

Josh Tumpak, motion graphics cleveland

Josh Tumpak

Animation & Motion Designer


Nate Shively

Videographer / Editor


Sara Brick

Video Producer


Daniel Sherman

Junior Animator

Kathy Koch

Studio Manager

Nolan Ritter

Videographer / Editor

Chuck Clum


Facebook advertising specialist

Bryce Clark

Video Advertising


Justin Nemecek

Director of Video Services

Jake Barcus

Videographer / Editor

Zach Willis

Video Editor

Mike Clum



Jawan Davila

Marketing Coordinator


Ernie Farabaugh

Director of Marketing Services

Teddy Baldassarre

Teddy Baldassarre

Account Director

Clum Creative is a premier Cleveland media production company offering a full range of corporate media production services. Our products are focused on creating a more enhanced prospect and customer experience, as well as solving problems in communication.  Started in 2011 as a Cleveland and Columbus video production company, each year we have grown steadily by providing a top quality product with an unceasing pursuit of perfection.

Creating premier media is our biggest priority. Our team of in-house and extended producers collaborate on creating high-end media effectively and efficiently. This in turn creates a premier end-product while cutting costs. Our Founder, Mike Clum, and his team commit to creating each project to perfection. You will often find us over-delivering; going above and beyond to make each and every video, web application, and end-product perfect.

Starting in 2011 as a independent video production outlet, we have steadily grown into a premier Cleveland Media Production Company working with agency partners and direct customers throughout all industries.