Commercial Video Production: TV Commercials, media buying, Facebook Video Ads, YouTube preroll… there are countless ways to use video to commercialize your business.

We’ve seen and heard it all, knows what works and what doesn’t, and can help you tap into and use the right video type to help your business grow. Attracting leads is everything, and you don’t have the time to waste hoping that video works for you. From coming up with the ideas, choosing the right type of commercial video production, and then helping you strategize your distribution, we’re able to make sure you’re successful the whole way.


In an age where video rules, you need a partner to support and boost you and your marketing team to success. You need a team to take your vision, exceed your expectations, and get results. That’s us.

Types of Commercial Video Production
  • TV Commercials 
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Twitter Video Ads
  • Snapchat / Instagram / Vine Videos
  • Facebook Live Video
Goals of Commercial Video
  • Lead Generation 
  • Pipeline Development 
  • Increased Sales 
  • Brand Awareness
Distribution Methods
  • Social 
  • TV
  • Email Blast 
  • Display Network Ads
  • Trade Show Loops
Styles of Commercial Videos
  • Voiceover Only
  • Hosted by Spokesperson 
  • Narrative Actors
  • Interview Style
  • Testimonial Driven

Examples of our Commercial Video Productions:





TV commercials give good brand recognition and increase your brand identity within the marketplace. At Clum Creative the commercial productions we produce are often the leading content in many of our customers Advertising campaigns. Before we even think about shooting a TV commercial we work with you to gather important research and insight. We take the time to learn the industry, your business and your target audience. In the research we conduct we are looking for any industry trends that we can use as leverage to reach out to your target market. Using all that we have gathered, we can compile it and then start creating an effective video concept. Our experts in Tv commercial production have years of experience in video as well as business.

Animated Commercial Production


When animation and ideas collide to create an amazing commercial.

Animation continues to be a great source of entertainment for people worldwide. It provides us with a great way to tell stories in a fun, unique way. The amazing art we create in the making of the animated video can be a great use for your company. Animated sales videos are seen everywhere you look. You can find them on TV commercials, Landing pages and are often shared among various social media platforms. Animated commercial Productions work because they stimulate our visual experience making them fun to watch. They have a way of telling a story unlike any other kind of production. There are no rules in animated videos, we can break the laws of physics and create visuals that are not possible in the real world. This is the best part of creating an animation rather than shooting with real objects and actors. You can visit space in a rocket ship, dive to the deepest depths of the sea and explore the surface of a volcano; what ever we decide for your video we can create, the possibilities are endless. Animated Commercials can provide you with a way to tell your story and explain your services or products with the use of fitting metaphors that will help people relate to your offers. An Animated TV commercial created by our team at Clum Creative is a definite way to help your company grow.

Promo Commercial Production


Our crew can create an amazing production for a commercial anywhere.

People are relying more and more on getting content delivered to them digitally such as smartphones, web, tablets and social media. We are bombarded with marketing content everywhere we look. To be successful with your marketing efforts you need a solution to sort through all the noise and get your message to your target audience. The best solution to achieve this is to create a promotional video with Clum Creative. TV commercials are usually constrained to maximums of 15-30 seconds, were, as a Promo Video has no determined length. There is a very straightforward goal in creating a Promo video; we want to leave the viewer with the feeling of wanting more. By creating a specific message for a targeted demographic, a promotional video reaches out to the specific audience and exclusively engages them. Effective, visually amazing and very importantly a video to remember, a promo video created by our team at Clum Creative is the best way to represent your company or product. They are also very effective at introducing your product or company to a new prospect. We will work with you determining your target audience and developing a plan to create an amazing, original video that will be the most effective way to pull in new customers. If your company already has existing footage, sound or music that you would want to incorporate, we can use it to provide excitement and energy. In addition to our video production services, Clum Creative can offer you with promotional services to spread information about your video and create Interest in your products. The amazing thing about video is that there are no limitations. We can make a traditional Promo to an exciting outside of the box video. The Promos we create together are sure to get people talking and certainly make them go with your company.

TV Commercial Production

Cinematographers to the directors we have a staff of well rounded professionals providing all that they have in every project. On-Screen talent is very important in a Tv Ad. We want to make sure the right person is used to represent your product or service. We have strong relationships with Acting and modeling agencies that provide us with an easy way to find the right face for your television advertisement. If your company needs a Tv Commercial to boost their Ad campaign give use a call to get started. You might believe that Advertising is just too much money. This is a common misconception. You can touch families in over 80,000 homes, 30 times a week on your choice of Tv Network. The starting cost of a tv spot is as little as $2,000. If you decide to print a brochure and send it to customers, one to reach the same about of people a television Ad can reach you need to buy every piece of paper and also pay for the cost of mailing the media out. When taking that into account Television Commercials are really the cheapest option in reaching the most people you can. It is an amazing option that you can utilize in your marketing efforts to reach your target audience. Clum Creative is the best option in creating Expertly produced Television Commercials for your company. Thinking about Television Commercials on reaching targets on a national level it is by far the cheapest way to sell your product or service to millions of people. Think about the time and cost of a salesman calling every single home that a TV ad will reach. These commercials can be very expensive but cost per viewer is less than any other medium. An important ingredient in the success of your advertising campaign is premium ad placement. Our Television commercial production services will, with out a doubt increase brand awareness as well as revenue if used effectively.

In today’s marketplace we understand budgets for TV advertising are leaner than ever. At Clum Creative we develop, create and provide dynamic productions to provide the most value for your TV ad production budget.

Our team of skillful producers and directors have created a magnitude of productions from micro-budget commercials to large scale shoots with hundred of extras and complex stunts. Each stunt is carefully managed from underwater shoots to working with animals to advanced robotic stunts.We’ve managed everything from small micro documentary crews to large scale TV commercial productions with multiple film units.

An excellent part of our unique offering is the experience we have in both animation television along with live action production, as well commercial television. We can promptly provide the highest level possible of animation production.

With one of the most talented art departments available, we produce creative story board concepts that are constantly selling. We will handle all the stress that creating a commercial brings. This includes the frustration of brainstorming, all the way up to the challenge of finalizing the commercial production. We have access to intriguing voice over artists who can captivate the buyer, accompanied by musicians for custom melodies to compliment and artistically portray your message.

We also have access to models and stylists, who can provide your ad with that flair everyone wants. No matter the approach you take for your national commercial, we will expertly produce it and guarantee your full approval. Our team is equipped to bring your ad to live from scratch, whether you want it live action or animated. Please talk to us anytime about the possibilities we can provide you.

We have captivated media vendors of all kinds and created great relationships with them. If you desire, we can give your ad front placement, for everyone to see. Your advertising budget may not be in the millions, but we will still help you get to the national advertising level. However, advertising on local cable television can be inexpensive for you, as well as profitable.

Having experience in stop frame animation, 3D along with 2D animation, we can easily meet any brief with a number of unique, stylish, and prestigious executions. View our show reel and read more about our animation production.Our TV commercial production is further complimented by our in house post production facility. We have exclusive surround sound audio mixing along with grading facilities that are both normally reserved for feature film production. Our visual FX team can provide any imaginable special fx, which will lead to the desired result on any production.

Clum Creative will work with you side by side with you to produce your television commercial. When considering a national level, TV advertising is easily the most affordable way to sell. Yes these commercials are expensive, however they are the easiest and cheapest way to reach millions of people. One of the most important ingredients to a successful advertising campaign is premium placement in television. Large ad agencies are not the only ones who can get good placement, it is very achievable for smaller companies to get prime time product placement as well.


Take your commercial to next level in a professional studio.


Camera equipment ready for the challenge from any professional commercial production.


We always find a way to get the shot.

Why Clum Creative?

We encourage you to Partner with us joining a long list of our clients that have discovered how profitable it is to create content with us. In the very competitive cost cutting market we are in today, it is important that you ensure every investment you make brings you the maximum return. Not only do you want to make sure you are getting a maximum return but Clum Creative will be a reliable business partner. We are a professional service with a Team of diverse backgrounds in not only video but business backgrounds in marketing and sales as well. With our Knowledge of marketing we ensure that our videos will impact viewers in the most effective way. Video Professionals that will make your company look great in front of your clients and executives. You want to work with someone you trust and know will do amazing work time and time again. Clum creative can serve you with in-house, award winning and exclusive motion picture TV Commercial Productions. Our services offer a complete solution in creating any video to suit your company. We use state of the art equipment to ensure the best quality videos. Tv Commercials begin with us sitting down together and identifying your message. We then will create a script, writing and storyboarding the production from beginning to end. The talented Directors and Producers will take the words we write and bring them to life making profitable and effective TV ads Time and time again. We are very passionate in creating these results for you giving you the best material to increase your business.