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TV Commercials, media buying, Facebook Video Ads, YouTube preroll… there are countless ways to use video to commercialize your business.

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TV Commercial Production

TV commercials give good brand recognition and increase your brand identity within the marketplace. At Clum Creative the commercial productions we produce are often the leading content in many of our customers Advertising campaigns.

Before we even think about shooting a TV commercial we work with you to gather important research and insight. We take the time to learn the industry, your business and your target audience. In the research we conduct we are looking for any industry trends that we can use as leverage to reach out to your target market. Using all that we have gathered, we can compile it and then start creating an effective video concept. Our experts in Tv commercial production have years of experience in video as well as business.

Types of Commercial Videos

Corporate Training Videos

Corporate Marketing Videos

Internal Communications

CEO Profiles

Corporate Branding Videos

Video Production Styles

High-End Live Video

Standard Style Live Video

Cartoon-Based Explainer Videos

Photorealistic 3D Modeling

Flat, Typography Videos

Distribution Methods


Webpage Embed

Office Lobby TV

Email Signature Embed

Trade Show Display

Other Corporate Services

Live-streaming Meetings

Sales Motivational Videos

Videos for Investor Relations

Audio Services for Corporations

Voiceover & Translations

Video Graphics Package

Creating Your Video

Clum Creative uses the latest high tech equipment to ensure the best quality possible. It is very important to us that you know the process of creating a video with us will be communicated with you throughout the entirety from beginning to end.

First we would discuss what kind of video would be the best for your business. Then from there we will discuss what your goal is in the making of the production. From there the professional creative designers at Clum Creative will take over in creating a blueprint for your video. Before shooting takes place we make sure we are creating the best video for your corporation.

Video Production

Video Production

The amazing videographers and directors at Clum Creative have years of experience in video production. They understand that in order for a video to be effective there has to be the ultimate goal in creating a return on your investment.

After the video is shot video editors will do an amazing job in finishing the video. They will top it off with title sequences, motion graphics and color correction. When the video is finished we will deliver it to you based on the best method for your company.

Why Video?

Video has become more important in business over the last 5 years. Video Marketing has been proven to make an impact in the growth of countless Corporations. Because Video informs and persuades better than any other type of media it has grown faster than any other marketing medium.

While explaining a product or service through text can be effective, video can actually show the product or service actually at work. We can capture the intangible benefits of a product and visualize them to your viewers.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (VidYard)

Video Production

Video Production

The great thing about video is that you can capture a lot of good information in a short amount of time. It provides your target audience with an effective message that you want to express.

We can use videos to tell a story, to take viewers on a journey that will connect with them on an emotional level. Most corporate marketing videos are filled with countless facts. These videos may seem too boring for a viewer and they will often skip it completely.

At Clum Creative we have the understanding and creative mindset to break this barrier between the viewer and their emotions. We can reel them in making them engaged in your product or service to ultimately convert them into a new customer.

Now that video is easily accessible online, it has become easier to reach out to consumers than ever before. Before web hosting services like YouTube gained momentum, all video marketing had to be broadcasted on TV. Allowing us to create a video together that will give you the power to release it on the most effective platform.

A video production created by us will give your business an edge over the competition. In B2B marketing, web video has been proven to be a highly effective method for delivering messages or special offers to new or existing customers.

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