We Are Clum Creative, Your Creative Video Partner

Corporate video content needs have evolved rapidly since the widespread adoption of online and mobile technology. Clum has been at the forefront of helping marketing and business leaders adapt quickly and create video content for the modern media landscape.

We’ve created 1000s of videos across nearly every industry. Browse our work, and find what you’re looking for.

What Makes Us Different

Despite there being over 5000 video production companies in operation today, Clum's business model and expertise has allowed us to be one of the fastest growing firms in the industry and the video partner of choice for over 600 companies across the globe.

20+ Full Time Staff

As a top 50 largest video firm in the US, our size allows for the fastest and most organized model for service.

Creative + Strategy

Our in-house creative team allow us to turn-key the entire video creation process from business strategy, concept, and execution.

Global Presence

Vast network of video directors in mostly every major market allows us to serve clients internationally without travel expense.

Simple Pricing

Simple flat rate, all-in pricing eliminates risk of unexpected price increases, or costly revisions clauses.

Scalability + Business Savvy

Competency to create unique production processes to output content at scale for a variety of use-cases.

Dedicated Project Managers

One of the few US video firms with dedicated project manager delivering an organized experience with timely communication.

Creative and Concept;
an Idea Driven Partnership

Understanding your business objectives and developing thoughtful concepts and ideas that translate to video effectively.

No Boundaries; Any style, format, length, or location

Specialists in all facets of video & animation production located throughout the US and beyond make us the most flexible and agile partner

Let's Connect & Discuss Your Business

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