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At Clum, we are your partner for creating awesome, effective, and timely video productions.There are all types of videos, so we start by helping you understand what type of video to make and why. Once we understand that, we can choose the style of production. Animated video or corporate video production or 3D modeling animation; whatever gets the job done. From there, we use our world class camera crews and production personnel to execute and bring your video to life. Finally, we distribute, market and help you make the most your video.

Video Production Services for Businesses

Businesses benefit most from our video production services. By utilizing the fun, energy, and emotion a video can create, you can drive traffic, leads and sales.

Marketing and sales video production are important, but there are many other avenues that video can help a business. We can simplify and tighten up your operational efficiencies through training video production. We can attract top level talent through recruiting videos. We can welcome new employees to the organization through orientation videos. We can help your employees get to know your leadership through CEO profiles and leadership highlights. Video can do so much for businesses.

Corporate Video Production

Video has become more important in business over the last 5 years. Video Marketing has been proven to make an impact in the growth of countless Corporations. Because Video informs and persuades better than any other type of media it has grown faster than any other marketing medium.

While explaining a product or service through text can be effective, video can actually show the product or service actually at work. We can capture the intangible benefits of a product and visualize them to your viewers.

Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users (VidYard)

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Animated Video Production

If you need to show something that’s complex or impossible to capture with live action video, animation can be a powerful video type. We’ll work with you to develop a storyboard and script and animation format that shows your product or service in the best way possible.

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Training Video Production

The way you train and educate your employees and your customers is an often overlooked potential inefficiency. It can be inefficient by having a employee do in-person training, or it can be inefficient if the information is not communicated well.

Our training videos help reduce training time and give you customers and employees a concise message that helps them retain more of the information.

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Commercial Video Production

TV Commercials get more reach than almost any media outlet, and with that reach it’s important that you make a creative splash that gets people back to your website.

We work with your agency of record or your marketing department to develop concepts, scripts, and a production game-plan that makes the most of your thirty seconds.

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Marketing Video Production

When it comes to sales, nothing beats in person communication, however, when that’s not possible video is the next best thing. We’ve created hundred of sales and marketing videos that simplify your message and provide a straight forward, understandable, and actionable result.

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Trade Show Video Production

Trade show floors are a massive maze designed specifically to grab the attendees wandering around. You have roughly 5 seconds to capture their attention before they’re off to your competitors booth.

What can make you stand out?

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Video Editing Services

Our editors are creative. They can take the video that was shot and create something that accurately communicates what you want expressed in your video.

These skilled editors are a large reason why our customers have seen such success with their videos, they understand sales and marketing and they want to help you be as successful as possible when marketing to customers.

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Facebook Video Advertising

Once we produce original content for your brand, we move into advertising & distribution to drive traffic and results. Our experience in video production and facebook advertising allows us to create thoughtful ads that don’t look like ads, and create conversation and traffic – exactly what you need in your facebook advertising agency.

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Creating Your Video


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Creative Direction


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Video Directors

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Production Equipment


Basic (Non-Linear) Editing


Music Selection

Audio Mastering

Color Correction


Video SEO

Online Distribution

Placing video on webpages

Analytics on viewers

Mailer Video Cards

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