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Crafting a relevant and captivating message tailored to a specific audience, packaged in a unique and entertaining way – will help make the sale.

At Clum, that’s what we can help you do .

A business decision as to how to proceed with video marketing will come down to the right video that fits your needs. For example, explainer videos or promotional videos are designed to convert your leads into customers. A social media video production should be engaging, entertaining and informative. It can showcase your brand and optimize your reach and awareness.

When it comes to sales, nothing beats in person communication, however, when that’s not possible video is the next best thing. We’ve created hundred of sales and marketing videos that simplify your message and provide a straight forward, understandable, and actionable result.

No matter what your business goals, we have the know how to help grow your business and relay your story.

Video Services for Marketing Agencies

Live Event Video

Live marketing and sales events your company produces can be engaging. Key points in the videos can cover technology, trends and topics that are influencing in your industry.

Sales presentations, panels and keynotes are a great source of content that you can use in marketing your company’s products or services. These films can be used on your website to provide insightful real life events. You can also use it on social media leveraging the information to create a buzz around your products and services.


Product Videos

Product videos both inform and inspire your viewer. Animated product videos can be a perfect way to show your potential customers how your product will benefit them.

Today, consumers are highly educated and make buying decisions based on their research. Clum Creative can produce product videos that demonstrate and highlight your product.


Brand Videos

Brand videos help humanize your company while connecting to your audience and building your brand.

At Clum Creative, we understand the image of your brand is really important to you. A successful brand proves to be a key factor in gaining business and increasing your growth.

Together we can create a brand video that highlights the culture, personalities and mission of your company. We can implement ideas that your company believes in, to educate your customers and prospects about what you stand for.

Brand videos can also give your company an added sense of reliability, showing people what you do and why you do it. A fun and exciting visual video will be paired with awesome testimonials and interview pieces that will really excite your audience.

Brand videos are a great addition to your marketing tools. They can be used on your business landing page, email marketing campaigns, and sales presentations. By partnering with us to make a brand marketing production, we can set you apart from your competitors.


Video Services for Marketing Agencies

Agencies need a reliable video production partner that can deliver creative, timely, and effective work to their clients, with competitive pricing to allow for markups and additional billing. At Clum, we understand your needs and have developed processes to be able to allow you to offer video as a profitable and scalable service to your clients around the world. Whether shooting, editing, creative direction, or more, we are that partner.

Your clients are going to be spending on video regardless of if you offer it or not. Not utilizing a video partner opens the door for other agencies with in-house video capability to get their foot in the door at your accounts. We offer a range of services to keep your clients happy, and your marketing campaigns profitable through video.

Live Video Services

We have in-house videographers, directors, producers, editors and more who can plan, write, script, shoot, and edit projects from start to finish. This is for corporate marketing videos, training and recruiting videos, and more.

Animation Services

Our animation services can create animated explainer videos that match the design and feel of the other parts of the client’s marketing campaign. Give us a brochure or a print piece, and we can bring it to life to live alongside existing design. Give us a storyboard or let us write it.


We can help you with upload and distribution to YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, and more. Also, tagging and video SEO on YouTube and other platforms. Finally, we can give you embed codes for website use and track analytics and insight into video performance to make ongoing updates to the piece.


We are able to come in and sit with you, and your clients to help brainstorm and come up with ideas for ways video can drive value to your marketing efforts. Our production consultants are trained, and we’re experience with countless production situations to be able to map out a unique video opportunity for every company.

Marketing Agencies we’ve partnered with:


Agency: Cardamone Marketing Group

Client: Revolutionary Car Credit

Services Provided:

  • Videography
  • Camera Crew
  • Creative Direction
  • Voiceover
  • Video Editing


Agency: Dallas Riffle Media

Client: Melt Bar and Grilled

Services Provided:

  • Videography
  • Camera Crews
  • Live-Streaming
  • Equipment Rental
  • Video Crew


Agency: Mean Joe Advertising

Client: Universal Windows Direct

Services Provided:

  • Videography
  • Camera Crews
  • Live-Streaming
  • Equipment Rental
  • Video Crew

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