Training video production is the most effective way to help an employee understand what they need to do, and how to do it.

Efficient systems and processes are what enable businesses to scale. Creating these processes is done through training, staff support, and effective communication from the top of the organization all the way to the bottom. With training video production, you can create a scalable tools that employees can continually reference, eliminating leaks and miscommunications from management.


Sales training, customer service training, production training; our team has engaged with hundreds of corporations in training video productions across the nation. We understand the process, and your business goals and can create a video that simplify, engages, and ultimately improves your organization.

Types of Training Video Production
  • Sales Training Videos
  • Customer Support
  • Operations Training
  • Production Training
  • Tutorials and FAQ Support
Styles of Training Videos
  • Direct into Camera Speaking
  • Voiceover with B-Roll
  • Animated Explainer Tutorials
  • Narrative
  • Spokesperson Host
Distribution Methods
  • In-Classroom TV
  • Flashdrive distribution 
  • Private YouTube Sharing
  • Online Classroom
  • LiveStream 

Examples of our Training Video Production:






Training Videos

As you know very well, it is very important that your employees are trained effectively to increase production or sales. At Clum Creative we can create a tool for you that will provide you with a way to easily train your employees. Not only will it be as easy as viewing the film to train but it will prove to be effective. We understand that so many things distract people today; a captivating attention grabbing video is the solution to make sure it is successful at teaching.

Training videos can provide you with a way to always keep your employees updated with information that they need to produce results. Together we can create a video that is specific to your processes. We will understand the best way to produce an effective training video, capture an amazing film that grabs attention and effectively train your employees.


Let’s show others how it is done through video.


Encapsulate your expertise and train others through video.


Increase productivity through corporate video training.

Results Focused

There are many advantages with using training videos. One, you can use it to train employees as easy as pressing play, it will reduce the cost of training employees. An effective training video will also consistently train your employees with the same content, giving your processes consistency, which is crucial in production. If you are in need of a training video that will effectively educate and inform your employees ultimately increasing your effectiveness as a company, call us today!

Ensure the safety of your employees and everyone involved in your business.


Teach endlessly at any moment through the power of video.

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